Saturday, June 11, 2011

Abvent Artlantis Studio v.3.0.6 Multilingual Full + Artlantis Attitude (artlantis tutorial book)

Updater comes with several bug fixes.
Artlantis has launched the 3.0.6 updater. This update is free for all Artlantis 3 users and fixes several bugs, so the program will act more stable then before:

  • When rendering, the clipping box sometimes generated radiosity artifacts into the cut planes
  • 3D trees did not cast self-shadows
  • Model x, y, z coordinates did not refer to the absolute origin. Access Ctrl+i under Windows and Cmd+i with Mac: Coordinates/Position
  • A saved Postcard of a view that had an accentuated character from the name's view was not recognized in the Catalog or caused Artlantis to crash
  • In the Render Later Manager, changing a name in the list of points of view did not update the name in the Render Later list
  • Textures with some characters were not recognized

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